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Harness the Power of Your Data


You’re in the driver’s seat

KnowGo Car lets you decide who uses your data, how they use it and for how long. You can fine tune how little or how much data you choose to disclose and can change your mind at any time.


Discover your inner driver

Use our driving Apps to score your journeys, track and manage your vehicle usage, alert you when you are getting sleepy or distracted and much more – all under your control.


Engage with your data

Shape and curate your data and driving identity, and become your own personal Data Controller. Actively participate in how your data is used by services, while exercising your rights under the GDPR.

How does it work?


Connect your Vehicle to KnowGo

Leverage one of our existing OEM integrations for interfacing directly with your vehicle, try out our vehicle simulator, or use your smartphone or a compatible smartwatch as a telemetry source.

Configure Data Sources & Services

Different services will be able to leverage data sources beyond basic vehicle telemetry. KnowGo enables the optional blending of non-sensitive vehicle data with personal data and sensitive biometric data, depending on the application. Choose which data sources you are comfortable with exposing and which services you are interested in using.

Different Types of Private and Sensitive Data

Per-Service Data Usage Control & Consent Management

Provide fine-grained consent on a per-service basis. KnowGo allows for dynamic filtering and minimization of data, allowing you to determine not only which services are able to access which data points for which purposes, but also in which way – allowing you to find a balance between privacy preservation and service sophistication that works for you.


Start Driving

Journey control can be initiated automatically for connected and autonomous vehicles, or controlled manually via our smartphone or smartwatch apps. Simple start driving, and KnowGo will do the rest.

KnowGo services can further be provisioned or deprovisioned at any point throughout the journey. Are you driving a car for work and want to disable in-cabin monitoring when you’re no longer on the clock? Do you have multiple drivers with different privacy preferences that will be driving the same vehicle? No problem!
Vehicle Navigation to Destination
Risk Score Analysis

Learn about your Driving

The KnowGo Car driving app and dashboard allow you to review and manage your historical driving data, providing you with insights into how your driving is evolving over time, across vehicles, in different environments, and so on.

Fine-Tune Per-Service Consent and Data Usage

Go back and review which services are using your data and which purposes of processing you have consented to. By using KnowGo’s innovative linear consent system, you can fine-tune data access on a per-service basis and see what impact changes in consent level will have on service capabilities, allowing you to make an informed decision about your data.
Driver Education

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