KnowGo Car

KnowGo Car lets you track, manage, and benefit from your driving data, while giving you the control to minimize, selectively disclose, and share data on your own terms – empowered by the GDPR.

Harness the Power of Your Data


You’re in the driver’s seat

KnowGo Car lets you decide who uses your data, how they use it and for how long. You can fine tune how little or how much data you choose to disclose and can change your mind at any time.


Discover your inner driver

Use our App to score your journeys, track and manage your vehicle usage, alert you when you are getting sleepy and much more – all under your control.


Engage with your data

Shape and curate your data and identity, and become your own personal Data Controller. Actively participate in how your data is used by third-party services, while exercising your rights under the GDPR.

Interested in bringing your service to KnowGo?

We are presently soliciting both strategic technology and solution to help expand our range of data services for the KnowGo Platform. If you would be interested in offering your service through our Platform, we would be delighted to hear from you!

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