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Autonomous Driving

Autonomous vehicles are faced with unique challenges in comparison to standard connected vehicles, from providing unique actuation mechanisms, to needing to evaluate risk differently at different automation levels, to driver monitoring and alertness proofing.

KnowGo Solutions help you move from the lab to the road, while providing you with the capabilities needed to safely enable higher levels of automation.

Adaptive Driver Monitoring & Alerting

Different levels of automation require varying levels of driver alertness and engagement, ensure that drivers are always engaged to an extent appropriate for a given level of automation.

Applicable KnowGo Solutions:

  • KnowGo Driver Monitor can provide driver monitoring and alerting when needed, with the extent of monitoring and alerting dynamically
    reconfigured at run-time in response to changes in automation level, all without compromising privacy.
  • KnowGo Log, based on Blockchain technology, can provide you with non-repudiable event and decision logging for forensic audit and analysis in
    the event of a collision or traffic violation, making it possible to prove
    driving state and more easily determine liability.

Dynamic Risk Management & Adaptation

Different levels of automation present different risks and can place more or less importance on individual risk criteria. Vehicles that are changing between automation levels must be able to handle these changes in a way that ensures they are monitoring and responding to relevant risks appropriate for a given level of automation.

Applicable KnowGo Solutions:

  • KnowGo Score allows you to dynamically reconfigure risk criteria and weighting in response to changes in automation level, ensuring that you are monitoring
    and responding to risks appropriate to the level of automation.
  • KnowGo Driver Monitor provides driver monitoring and alerting proportional to the level of automation, ensuring that drivers are monitored and alerted to an
    appropriate extent, providing you with opportunities for seamless transition
    between automation levels without sacrificing driver & passenger privacy.
  • KnowGo Log can help you prove the state of the vehicle at a given time, as well which risks were identified and responded to, when, providing you with
    necessary evidence in the unlikely event of a traffic incident.

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KnowGo Solutions for Autonomous Driving

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