KnowGo Watch is a dedicated wearable app for monitoring and controlling your Connected Cars through the KnowGo Car Platform, combined with privacy-preserving biometric driver monitoring and alerting.

KnowGo Watch Capabilities

Vehicle Information and Remote Control

View basic information about your car, such as fuel levels, and trigger common actuations on compatible vehicles (door lock/unlock, remote start, turn lights on/off) directly from your watch.

Driver Heart Rate Monitoring

On wearables with heart rate tracking or electrocardiogram (ECG) sensors, add a heart rate monitoring dimension to driver monitoring and alerting.

Personalized Heart Rate Training

Record your heart rate during a normal low-stress journey to establish your personal heart rate baseline. Our algorithm will determine the extent of driving stress and alert you accordingly.

One App, Multiple Cars

KnowGo Watch can be used to monitor and control any KnowGo Car-managed vehicle. Have more than one car? Select from any of your available cars directly in the app.

Built-in Vehicle Locator

Can't remember where you parked or how far away your car is? Our built-in vehicle locator is here to help.

Driver Coaching & Support

Identify specific and recurring risks, receive targeted recommendations, and determine areas for improvement over time.

Proportional Alerting

Risks aren't equal, why should alerting be? Receive different driver-configurable alerts and notifications proportional to the level of detected risk, directly on your watch.


Heart rate monitoring and alerting is carried out on the watch itself, no biometric data is ever sent to the Cloud or shared. Heart rate monitoring can be turned on or off at any time.

Driving Risk Assessment and Analysis

Connect with our risk scoring service to obtain a contextual analysis of driving risk with trendlines over time, viewable directly in the app for journeys past and present.

How does it work?

Driver Support Watch Complications

KnowGo Watch provides a number of watch face complications that provide convenient driver support and key vehicle data at a glance. These include:
  • Vehicle Locator – jump straight to the vehicle locator service within the app.
  • Vehicle Controls – jump straight to the vehicle controls within the app.
  • Fuel Level – view the current fuel level of your most recently used vehicle.
  • Risk Level – view the risk score of your most recently completed journey.
  • App Launcher – a convenient shortcut for quickly launching the app when you’re ready to begin a new journey.
Use as few or as many complications as desired to ensure the right kind of information and functionality is always on hand.

A Remote Control for your Connected Cars

KnowGo Watch provides a unified interface for viewing the status of and adjusting controls for all of your Connected Cars managed through the KnowGo Platform:
  • View the current status of each of your vehicles at a glance.
  • Toggle actuation controls for each of your vehicles remotely.
  • Use together with the vehicle locator to navigate to a specific vehicle.
  • Change your active vehicle and dynamically update your watch face complications.
Vehicle Controls
Privacy-Preserving Heart Rate Monitoring

Privacy-Preserving Heart Rate Monitoring with Deep Learning

  • Train the on-watch model to learn about your heart rate averages in normal driving conditions.
  • Manually adjust the upper and lower alerting thresholds to find the setting that’s right for you.
  • When enabled, heart rate measurements are taken directly on the watch, and a summarization of the frequency and extent to which baselines have been exceeded are passed on to the watch-local risk scoring service.
  • The risk scoring service uses the summarized data and predetermined upper and lower BPM ranges in order to derive a relative risk score using an on-watch Deep Neural Network (DNN).
  • The resulting score is either used directly or optionally aggregated with the other risk predictors in KnowGo Score in order to derive a holistic weighted average risk score with insights into the main sources of driving risk.
No heart rate readings ever leave the watch.

Multi-Dimensional Risk Analysis

  • Receive a summarized analysis of driving risk at the end of every journey.
  • Includes a range of risk predictors when connected to KnowGo Score.
  • Integrates Watch-local risk assessment for sensitive biometric data points.
  • Identify where areas of driving risk are coming from, while observing risk trends over successive journeys.
Journey Risk Summary

KnowGo Platform Integrations

Integrate KnowGo Watch with other KnowGo Platform components for even more functionality:

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