A standards-based multi-platform connected vehicle simulator for generating realistic vehicle telemetry and actuation for both individual vehicles and fleets across a range of driving conditions, helping you develop the next generation of connected car services and AI/ML models.

KnowGo Vehicle Simulator Capabilities

Run Anywhere

Run on the web, directly on the desktop or on mobile devices.

Vehicle Customization

Provide custom vehicle definitions and customization of existing models to obtain more representative data.

Data Broker Interoperability

Compatible out of the box with other KnowGo Platform components, as well as popular data brokers, such as MQTT and Kafka.

Connected Vehicle Simulation

Simulate an individual connected vehicle with actuation controls that can be directly connected to your application.

Connected Fleet Simulation

Generate multiple vehicles for fleet simulation.

Programmatic Vehicle Control

Control the simulator through an exposed REST API, allowing for programmatic use, such as in validation pipelines for vehicle services.

How does it work?

Realistic Vehicle Telemetry for App Developers

Support throughout the entire application development lifecycle:

  • Model an existing vehicle to use as a basis for generated telemetry
  • Optionally connect existing vehicle data sources to create a Digital Twin
  • Obtain raw telemetry and webhook notifications for specific events
  • Send notifications and actuation events from your app to the Simulator
  • Test & Develop your app iteratively in a controlled environment
  • Use the Simulator for generating data in live app demos
  • Deploy your finished app to customer vehicles

Realistic Training Data for AI/ML Researchers and Data Scientists

Train your models with realistic training data across a range of vehicle types, driving styles, and events:

  • Model an existing vehicle to use as a basis for generating telemetry
  • Capture raw telemetry and webhook notifications for specific events
  • Train & Refine your model iteratively until the desired accuracy is obtained
  • Tune the Simulator for providing testing data to validate your model
  • Deploy your finished model to customer vehicles or other apps

Integrate with External Data Sources to Create a Digital Twin

Have an existing vehicle you wish to model or generate representative data from? KnowGo Vehicle Simulator can:

  • Integrate existing vehicle data models
  • Act as a data sink for cloud-based automotive OEM data, allowing you to develop portable vendor-neutral solutions
  • Provide real-time synchronization with an existing Connected Car, allowing you to prototype and validate your solutions in a controlled environment

The internal vehicle dynamics model can further be adapted to the specifics of your vehicle, ensuring that generated data remains as realistic as possible, without sacrificing privacy.

Built on Automotive Industry Standards

The KnowGo Vehicle Simulator REST API is the industry first connected car simulation solution built on the ISO 20078 Extended Vehicle (ExVe) standard, allowing you to prototype in confidence, regardless of where your application is ultimately deployed.

Native Webhook Support

Generate webhook notifications for events that matter to your connected car application. Be notified of:

  • Journey Begin / End
  • Changes in Vehicle Geolocation
  • Changes in Ignition Status
  • Harsh Acceleration / Braking

Need other event notifications? Let us know!

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KnowGo Platform Integrations

Integrate KnowGo Vehicle Simulator with other KnowGo Platform components for even more functionality:

Ready to take the API for a test drive?

Get up and running quickly with our curated Postman Collection, or proceed directly to our OpenAPI specification.

Tutorials & Demonstrators

Run-Time Event Injection

During simulation runs, it can be advantageous to deterministically
trigger events at fixed times throughout the journey timeline. To facilitate this kind of event modelling, the triggering of pre-configured events (such as harsh braking and acceleration) into the running simulation model is supported via event injection.

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