KnowGo Score provides a comprehensive privacy-focused driver risk scoring solution based on an extensible machine learning-based risk scoring meta model, capable of working on a variety of data sources at a variety of resolutions.

KnowGo Score Capabilities

Deploy Anywhere

Deploy in the Cloud, directly in the Vehicle, and anywhere in-between.

Multi-dimensional Risk Analysis

Driving risk is more than just harsh braking and swerving. Obtain a contextualized analysis across multiple dimensions in order to understand the factors contributing to driving risk on each journey.

Custom Risk Models and Weighting

Choose from our available scoring models with your own weights, or provide your own models through our extensible plugin architecture.

Driver Coaching & Support

Identify specific and recurring risks, provide targeted recommendations, and determine areas for improvement over time.

Real-Time Scoring & Alerting

Scoring of streaming data from in-progress journeys allow for risk detection and alerting to be carried out in real-time, improving driver safety.

Adaptive Risk Scoring

Driving different vehicles with different capabilities, or in different driving environments? Receive a consistent risk score that adapts to these variances without unfairly penalizing the driver.

Proportional Alerting

Risks aren't equal, why should alerting be? Raise different driver-configurable alerts and take different actions proportional to the level and cause of detected risk.


Share scores, not data. Consent-driven data flows with dynamic data filtering & minimization ensure the driver remains in control.

How does it work?

Multi-Dimensional Risk Analysis, Reporting, and Alerting

Driving risk is not limited to collision avoidance or driver alertness. KnowGo Score leverages a wide range of AI/ML-based risk assessment models to derive a holistic risk score capable of letting you know where the biggest risks are coming from on a per-journey basis. This includes capabilities for:

  • Biometric driver monitoring
  • Driver alertness and attentiveness monitoring
  • Detection of in-cabin behaviour that can result in distracted driving
  • Monitoring road and environmental conditions

These factors can be further customized for assessing vehicle-specific risks, or extended for interoperability with existing ADAS systems.

Dynamic Risk-Adaptation in Autonomous Driving Systems

Different levels of driving automation (SAE J3106) expose different risks for the driver and vehicle. KnowGo Score can be leveraged to:

  • Provide a list of risk scorers and weights appropriate to a given level.
  • Dynamically adjust risk scorers and weights when switching levels.
  • Customize risk criteria and weighting per-ODD.
  • Leverage risk assessment as a basis for planning and decision-making.

Custom Scorers & Weighting for your Environment

Risk factors and their impact on overall driving risk change in accordance with the environment. KnowGo Score allows you to:

  • Build a custom risk profile appropriate to your operational environment by selecting which of our scorers to apply where.
  • Dynamically adjust per-scorer weights in response to environmental changes.
  • Define your own scoring models that capture risks unique to your environment and seamlessly integrate them via our extensible plugin architecture.

KnowGo Platform Integrations

Integrate KnowGo Score with other KnowGo Platform components for even more functionality:

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