Intelligent cloud native audit logging with Blockchain persistence for independent attestation, combined with advanced customizable machine learning-based anomaly detection and compliance monitoring.

KnowGo Log Capabilities

Deploy Anywhere

Gather relevant logs and key decisions wherever they occur, whether in the Cloud or at the Edge.

Independent Attestation

Obtain a transferrable and independently attestable timestamp proof to aid audit & compliance verification.

Non-Repudiable Audit Logging

Non-repudiation of logs and key decisions via content hashing and Blockchain persistence.

Anomaly Detection

Train custom anomaly detection models on minimized datasets unique to each deployment and proactively identify operational and compliance risks.

How does it work?

  • Decision log aggregation and non-repudiation for audit and compliance.
  • Blockchain-based log attestation and timestamping.
  • Obtain non-repudiable timestamp proof for independent attestation/
  • Operate on both public and private blockchains.
  • Data Security first: Persist content hashes, not content.
  • Load balancing and federation with distributed KV store.

Industry-standard blockchain timestamping

KnowGo Log integrates directly with OpenTimestamps to provide a transferrable and independently attestable timestamp proof backed by Blockchain technology.

First-Class Integration with Open Policy Agent

Already using OPA for policy-based control in your cloud native environment? KnowGo Log implements the OPA Decision Log Service API and can consume policy decisions from multiple sources directly. Generate proofs for high-impact decisions while dynamically masking sensitive data.

KnowGo Platform Integrations

Integrate KnowGo Log with other KnowGo Platform components for even more functionality:

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