A holistic privacy-preserving driver monitoring solution that can monitor not only the driver, but also external factors that may result in driver distraction. Contextual analysis and proportional alerting keep the driver engaged when required, while ensuring they are alerted in accordance with their individual preferences. Driver monitoring your drivers will want to use.

KnowGo Driver Monitor Capabilities

Multi-dimensional Monitoring

Driver alertness is about more than just drowsiness. Monitor multiple dimensions of risk that contribute to distracted driving, from in-cabin video to driver biometrics.

Real-Time Monitoring & Alerting

In-cabin video and biometric data is analyzed in real-time, ensuring that drivers receive alerts and notifications when they need them most.

Driver-defined Proportional Alerting

Alert severity is directly proportional to the detected level of alertness risk and can be customized by the driver in accordance with vehicle capabilities and personal preferences.

ADAS Integration

Configurable data sources and customizable risk assessment models allow for tight integration with existing vehicle ADAS systems, where supported, allowing you to extend the capabilities of existing in-cabin monitoring solutions.


Video streams are processed securely and statelessly. Individual risk assessment models only expose minimized summary data, and no video telemetry is ever persisted.

How does it work?

Multi-Dimensional Risk Analysis, Reporting, and Alerting

Driver alertness is more than just drowsiness detection. KnowGo Driver Monitor leverages a wide range of AI/ML-based risk assessment models to derive a holistic risk score capable of letting you know where the biggest risks are coming from on a per-journey basis. This includes capabilities for:

  • Drowsiness detection (e.g. PERCLOS and yawn detection)
  • Driver attentiveness monitoring (e.g. gaze tracking & head pose estimation)
  • Distracted behaviour monitoring (engaging in other activities within the vehicle)

These factors can be further customized for interoperability with existing in-vehicle monitoring systems.

Improve Driver Safety with Biometric Monitoring

Pair with KnowGo Watch to include watch-based heart rate monitoring and alerting without exposing sensitive data (on compatible smartwatches). This enables monitoring to go beyond simple visual cues and can be used as a basis for confidently facilitating hand-over with capable driver assistance and automated driving functions to improve driver safety or automatically request an emergency response.
Privacy-Preserving Heart Rate Monitoring

Privacy-Preserving Video Analytics

KnowGo Driver Monitor provides real-time analysis of video telemetry and only passes on summary statistics to external services.

While the driver may elect to preserve snapshots of detected events for evidence collection purposes, no video data is persisted by the application itself, and absolutely no video data is passed on to other applications.

KnowGo Platform Integrations

Integrate KnowGo Driver Monitor with other KnowGo Platform components for even more functionality:

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