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KnowGo Car is the industry first privacy-preserving adaptive data services platform for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). It consists of the base Cloud/Edge Platform and companion Smartphone-based Driver App.

KnowGo Car Capabilities

Multi-Source Driving Data

Obtain vehicle telemetry and sensor data directly from your Connected Car, a compatible OBD-II dongle, or Smartphone.

Consent Dashboard

Driver is able to provide proof of their identity to requesting applications without divulging sensitive data.

Limit Car Use to Authorized Drivers

Allow vehicle use by authorized drivers, receive actionable notifications of unauthorized use.

How does it work?

Driver Enrollment and Model Generation

  • Drivers enroll in the platform by submitting their own images or video.
  • A custom facial recognition model is created for the driver, and saved securely on their

Application Verification Flow

  • Applications that wish to verify driver identity submit a verification request for the driver to consent to.
  • KnowGo Driver Verify performs a verification and communicates the detection result and accuracy to the requesting application.
  • Applications receive the result of the detection and can continue with a higher level of established trust.

KnowGo Platform Integrations

Integrate KnowGo Car with other KnowGo Platform components for even more functionality:

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