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Privacy-preserving & Adaptive Data Products for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles

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KnowGo Car

Platform & Driver Apps

KnowGo Car

KnowGo Car is the industry first privacy-preserving adaptive data services platform for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles (CAVs). It consists of the base Cloud/Edge Platform and companion Smartphone-based Driver App.

KnowGo Watch

KnowGo Watch is a dedicated wearable app for monitoring and controlling your Connected Cars through the KnowGo Car Platform, combined with privacy-preserving biometric driver monitoring and alerting.

KnowGo Vehicle Simulator

A standards-based multi-platform connected vehicle simulator for generating realistic vehicle telemetry and actuation for both individual vehicles and fleets across a range of driving conditions.

ADAS & Autonomous Driving

KnowGo Driver Monitor

A holistic privacy-preserving driver monitoring solution that can monitor not only the driver, but also external factors that may result in driver distraction.

KnowGo Driver Verify

A privacy-preserving driver identity verification solution built on custom facial recognition models that remain under the driver’s control.

KnowGo Score

KnowGo Score provides a comprehensive privacy-focused driver risk scoring solution based on an extensible machine learning-based risk scoring meta model, capable of working on a variety of data sources at a variety of resolutions.

Audit & Compliance

KnowGo Log

Intelligent cloud native audit logging with Blockchain persistence for independent attestation, combined with advanced customizable machine learning-based anomaly detection and compliance monitoring.

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