KnowGo Car for Service Providers

The KnowGo Platform is all about getting the data  you need, in a form that complies with regulations and user expectations, while at the same time reducing your exposure to risk and liability.

Benefits at a glance


Increase user acceptance

Boost user acceptance of services that depend on personal data by returning control to the user.


Co-create new services

Reach your full data service potential by employing our data fusion technology to enjoin data from multiple sources and regulatory environments, seamlessly. Create new valued services for your customers.


Engage with your customers

Engage with your customers and drivers in real-time, on a more personal and ethical level, enabled through our platform designed on principles of data ethics and data austerity.

Our Value Propositions

Automotive Insurer / Risk Assessor
  • Seamless regulatory compliance
  • Adaptive and dynamic risk scoring
  • Deploy your own Insurance as a Service
Mobility / Fleet Managers
  • Cross-border vehicle adaptation
  • Demonstratable GDPR compliance both at home and abroad
  • Easy enablement of individual privacy preferences of drivers
  • Assess risk consistently across heterogeneous vehicle fleets
Service Providers as Data Consumers
  • Real-time Adaptive Services
  • E2E compliance and auditing
  • Build new data services easily using minimised data building block

Engage in the Next Generation of Data Services

Introducing Mini Blocks Technology

Minimized Data Building Blocks for Services, or “Mini Blocks” is a proprietary KnowGo service that allows you to chain together minimized blocks of data, vetted for user consent and regulatory compliance, to build new and exciting data services with higher levels of user acceptance and engagement with minimal hassle and risk.

Driver-centric Data Usage Control

By allowing the driver to stay in control of their data, KnowGo helps you to increase user acceptance and uptake of your data services. KnowGo enables users to easily exercise selective disclosure of their personal data and provides user-defined consent management, and data & service portability.

Real-time Dynamic Service Adaptation

To ensure service continuity anywhere, anytime and in any situation, our platform services are adapted at run-time in order to meet their compliance requirements as well as to provide an enhanced customer experience through improved QoS.

Non-Repudiable Audit Logging

KnowGo ensures end-to-end compliance and logging. All policy decisions, platform and service adaptations, data accesses, changes in end-user consent, addition and removal of data sources, and changes in region are centrally logged, and can be collected and aggregated by region, fleet, vehicle, service or data type. Non-repudiation can be provided on a fine-grained service-level digital signature basis, or at a coarse-grained level through on-demand non-repudiable Blockchain timestamping – the proof of which can be freely transferred and verified by any party through public or private Blockchain attestation.

Data Services without Borders

The KnowGo Platform uses Adaptive Cross-Regulatory Data Fusion Technologies to help Service Providers overcome the challenges of providing seamless data-driven services and solutions, that are both data ethical and legally compliant across regulatory and country borders in today’s growing data economy. The KnowGo Platform enables this through built in E2E compliance and auditing features, Mini Blocks and service adaptation technologies.

KnowGo Sales and Licensing

Want to integrate KnowGo into your exisiting App or infrastructure?

We offer bespoke customization and integration at all levels from API/SDK to entire platform integration.

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